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After payment you will instantly get the original code card iTunes Gift Card $10, with which you can refill the balance of USA iTunes / AppStore account for $10, to buy and download any of the songs, movies, games and software for your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPod or iPad with the US iTunes / App Store.


1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes from the official website (if already installed you need to get out of your account);

2. Select the top menu Shop - Homepage

At the bottom front of the «My Store» list select «United States»;

3. On the right in the list of «Quick Links» - «Redeem»;

4. In the box, enter your code «iTunes Gift Card» and click «Redeem»;

5. After this, you will be prompted to create an account - «Create Account»;

6. Check the box and click on «Continue»;

7. Enter your email, set the password, secret question and answer, the date of birth and click on «Continue»

8. In the new window, carefully fill in all fields:

Credit Card - None

First Name - your name

Last Name - your name

Adress - any three digits Besayd

City - Miami

FL ZIP Code - 33132

Phone - 305/7, any number of digits /

Click Continue

Shop Now click and you get to the store iTunes. Status of your account will appear at the top right.

Instructions from the official site commissioning and activation of cards:

in English:

in Russian -

ITunes Gift Certificate can be used for purchases on the iTunes Store movies, music, videos, and games.

- Instant delivery! You received the goods automatically, immediately after the payment.

TIP If you put your account State - Florida (no taxes at purchase). Validity unlimited accounts, money it did not burn up.


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