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✅This is a fully licensed Mojang account💥 with the game Minecraft Premium (Java Edition) with access to mail. You can change absolutely all data! 💫
Often the trial world of "Realms" is available on your account.Attention!
In connection with the large influx of freebie and deception lovers, we warn you - the one who leaves a negative review about the purchase without first contacting the seller will IMMEDIATELY get a BAN and a BAN on further purchases, no matter how your problem is solved, and it does not matter who is right and who no.After purchasing this product, you automatically receive:

• Account from "Minecraft Premium: Java Edition" (login: password)
• Mail from Minecraft account (login: password)

This purchase will be tantamount to buying an official key that costs 1900r. You will have the same Mojang account and all the same features.

Security questions are set on each account. With their help, you can change your mail to your own through the Mojang website without going to the mail that is tied to your account. Convenient and fast way! 👍
If the mail is blocked or something happens to it, then the account can be tied to another mail using the same secret questions.

The answers to the security questions will be provided to you. In any case, secrets can be dropped using mail, even if you do not know the answer to them. This is the advantage of an account with mail.

The account will be delivered instantly, you can find it in the "Paid item" field.

A new mail was registered for each Minecraft Premium account, which you can leave or
bind your own after the period of temporary blocking by the security system - 30 days or less, you cannot change mail more often (according to the rules of Mojang).
We recommend that you leave this mail, having previously secured it as much as possible (bind your phone, change the secret, passwords, etc.).

👍Why buy from us?
✔ A satisfied customer is our main goal. We are always happy to help you at any time of the day!
✔ Good mood after purchase and hours of gameplay 😊attention❗ Dear customers❗
In order to avoid misunderstandings, the rule is binding for everyone! Please, record on video the fact of purchase of the goods until the moment of entering according to the data provided to the mail / account (you can use the phone, the program "Fraps" or "Bandicam", etc.).
The video should start BEFORE the moment of payment, it should show the system time on your computer and there should be no freeze frames. The video should be complete, without editing. The first attempt to log into the account and its full verification should be visible.
A buyer´s complaint about a non-working account will be considered only if the above video is available. Otherwise, the store reserves the right to refuse to provide the buyer with a replacement account./attentionThose. Support: 24/7 ✔
─ Having problems with your account?
─ Do you have any questions regarding the product?
─ Just want to chat? 😊
❌ Do not leave negative feedback until the pr
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29.11.2021 23:48:59
Продавец выслал сразу логины и пароли после покупки. Всё работает! Я ЧЕНЬ ДОВОЛЕН! ПРОДАВЦА РЕКОМЕНДУЮ :з
29.11.2021 17:23:59
Доброжелательный честный продавец, не кидалово, рекомендую.
28.11.2021 9:12:28
Моментально пришли верные данные, продовец топ. Покупайте тут. Я сам сначал боялся
27.11.2021 17:36:48
Была небольшая проблемка, мне быстро ответили и помогли, продавец отличный
26.11.2021 18:28:43
Купил сразу всё пришло, проверил, мигрировал за пару минут. Остался доволен, спасибо.
25.11.2021 20:58:21
Продавец хороший. Рекомендую
23.11.2021 16:09:29
Всё отлично
23.11.2021 11:24:02
Ok, thanks :)
23.11.2021 9:07:40
Ok thank you
21.11.2021 22:21:15
Всё хорошо, аккаунт с почтой пришли сразу рабочие, мигрировал за 5 минут