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🟠 Licensed Start account with a subscription until 10/21/2021
🟠 Product without the need for reconnection, everything works without gatherings throughout the entire period, I personally vouch for this aspect.
🟠 Instant delivery of goods to your mail.
🟠 View data: Login: Password
🟠 Ability to use on 1 device.
🟠 Ability to create your own profile in which only you will watch all films and series.
🟠 Warranty for the purchased product for the entire duration of the subscription.

💎 Main features of START online cinema:

🔸 Unified subscription to START
Watch all films and TV series on START without ads and without additional, hidden fees.
🔸 Exclusive premieres of original projects
🔸 No ads! Not a single commercial will interrupt the development of the plot.
🔸 Viewing content from the same place where it was interrupted;
🔸 Watch all movies and TV shows anywhere in the world with a single subscription.
🔸 You will have the ability to download movies on Android, iOS!
🔸 Daily replenishment of the best TV series and movies

🎓 What should you do after purchase?

1. After paying for the goods, the data will come to your mail!
2. Follow the link:
3️. Make authorization using the purchased data (data format - login; password)
4️. Connect your TV device as needed
5️. Start watching a movie or TV show you like
6️. To do a small good deed, or rather to leave a positive review (this way you improve our service and motivate us to get better and better!)

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